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Last updated May 25, 2024

Russell Peters: Red, White and Brown Poster

Russell Peters: Red, White and Brown

2008 | NR | 4.1 out of 5 Stars

International comedy sensation Russell Peters brings his hilarious Homecoming Tour to the stage of Madison Square Garden's WaMu Theater, where he shares his hysterical thoughts on ethnic stereotypes, his own body hair, the World Cup and much more.
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Trailer Park Boys: Xmas Special Poster

Trailer Park Boys: Xmas Special

2004 | NR | 4.0 out of 5 Stars

Find out what the outrageous rascals of Sunnyvale Trailer Park were like back in the day with this holiday-themed special, which features Randy as a prostitute, J-Roc before he rapped and Barb and Lahey still together.
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Russell Peters: The Green Card Tour Poster

Russell Peters: The Green Card Tour

2011 | NR | 3.9 out of 5 Stars

Recorded live during a two-night stand at London's behemoth O2 Arena, this comedy special finds international funnyman Russell Peters entertaining an enthusiastic crowd with his incisive observations about race, culture and more.
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Sabah: A Love Story Poster

Sabah: A Love Story

2005 | NR | 3.6 out of 5 Stars

Dutiful 40-something daughter Sabah (Arsinée Khanjian) shocks her conservative Arab family by falling for Stephen (Shawn Doyle), a non-Muslim, in this romantic comedy set in Toronto. The relationship sparks a culture clash, ensnaring Sabah between Stephen and her tight-knit family. Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, director Ruba Nabba's film reveals what happens when Old World tradition collides with modern love. Setta Keshishian co-stars.
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Growing Op Poster

Growing Op

2008 | NR | 3.5 out of 5 Stars

After years of being home-schooled by his earnest, post-hippie, pot-growing parents, Quinn (Steven Yaffee) decides to jump from the nest and give himself a normal high school experience. He quickly learns, however, that there's nothing normal about high school. When the teen falls for a beautiful blonde neighbor (Rachel Blanchard), he realizes he'll have to make some compromises to get what he wants -- once he's sure what that is.
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At Home by Myself with You Poster

At Home by Myself with You

2009 | NR | 3.4 out of 5 Stars

Apartment dweller Romy Scott (Kristin Booth) decides to deal with her many phobias by never leaving her home. When her elderly neighbor dies and the woman's handsome nephew (Aaron Abrams) moves in, Romy's isolated existence is threatened by the one thing she never expected to find: love. But can love be any match for six years of comfortable existence within a bubble? Kris Booth directs this romantic comedy.
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Real Time Poster

Real Time

2008 | NR | 3.2 out of 5 Stars

A lifetime of bad luck and bad habits catches up with compulsive gambler Andy (Jay Baruchel) when he's apprehended by a quietly intimidating hit man named Reuben (Randy Quaid), who's been dispatched to kill him. But before he does the deed, Reuben grants Andy one last hour to live and chauffeurs the young ne'er-do-well from one stop to the next on a hilarious journey filled with surprising revelations and unexpected discoveries.
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Cooking with Stella Poster

Cooking with Stella

2009 | NR | 3.2 out of 5 Stars

Housekeeper Stella's superb culinary skills have helped her hide the fact that she's skimming more than a little off the top, but the jig may be up when a very honest nanny threatens her side business.
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When Life Was Good Poster

When Life Was Good

2008 | NR | 2.3 out of 5 Stars

This semi-improvised indie tale follows a group of twentysomething friends as they experience the ups and downs of relationships, including a struggling actress who returns from studying abroad with second thoughts about her boyfriend.
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